Why tutoreal?

Tutoreal gives parents and students the help they've been looking for, when they need it, to learn better. From amazing tutoreal Tutors, to proven content and the flexibility it gives the whole family - tutoreal is loved by parents everywhere!

Comparing tutoring products matrix

Comparing tutoring products matrix


We’ve heard the same reasons from many parents about why they love tutoreal.

REASON #1 - Unlimited Tutoring - One monthly Fee

Tutoreal takes the family stress out of 'extra help' by providing an unlimited online tutoring program that works on your schedule from home. Tutoreal Tutors provide lessons to explain concepts and practice assignments to reinforce the skills and test if it's understood.  Tutoreal Tutors are available whenever Students need more help. 

REASON #2 – Great Tutors

Many parents feel their children learn better from someone else.  For parents who have tried to help their children directly with their school work, they know this is frustrating for Parent and Child.  This is especially true when children are struggling. tutoreal Tutors motivate and encourage kids to push themselves.  They create custom programs for each Student based on their needs.  They monitor progress and are available on request by Students or Parents for extra help when concepts aren't understood. 

REASON #3 – Scheduling Tutoring is so easy – and I don’t have to take them anywhere.

With many competing priorities - kids, work, activities - just finding the time to focus consistently on helping your child can be trying, at best. Tutoreal doesn't require you to take your child anywhere to learn. You save time by not having to take them to and from tutors or learning centers, and these days time is more precious than ever before.

REASON #4 – My math skills aren’t current.

Helping our own children learn and study can be challenging. Staying on top of the curriculum, especially as children get older, can be daunting for parents.

REASON #5 – We live in an area that doesn’t have the right tutor options for my child. 

Families in smaller, rural communities love their lifestyle but like everything, it’s harder to access specialized resources easily.  Tutoreal brings the best coaches and tools into our home.  It’s enriched our kids overall learning experience.

REASON #6 – Getting set up was easy and I always know how my child is doing.

Parents are provided an easy-to-follow set-up guide, and can remind their Student to logon as often as they would like. Tutoreal Tutors are also there to help parents by providing reminders, progress results and tips to help your child.

Our son (Gr. 5) was falling behind in math, and was becoming frustrated. We tried an in-home tutor, but were tied to a strict weekly schedule. Sam enjoyed his time with the tutor, but we noticed in the hours they would spend together, Sam would spend 80% of the time practicing on his own and 20% being tutored. We switched to tutoreal - now he gets direct help from his tutor when he needs it, and gets as much practice as he needs to master the skills. He’s loving math again, and has gained confidence in his ability to learn.
— Rebecca K.