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Our son (Gr. 5) was falling behind in math, and was becoming frustrated. We tried an in-home tutor, but were tied to a strict weekly schedule. Sam enjoyed his time with the tutor, but we noticed in the hours they would spend together, Sam would spend 80% of the time practicing on his own and 20% being tutored. We switched to tutoreal - now he gets direct help from his Tutor when he needs it, and gets as much practice as he needs to master the skills. He’s loving math again, and has gained confidence in his ability to learn.

Sam's Mom Rebecca, Grade 5 Student

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“The online lessons my Tutor sends me, give me a chance to review material as often as I need without feeling bad that I’m asking my tutor to keep repeating things that I find hard.”

Charlotte, Grade 7 Student

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Wow!!! Having my son work from home whenever he (our family) has time is so great. His Tutor is covering the exact items that Josh struggled with last year (Grade 9), and we have seen his math grades come up steadily through the year!!!

Josh's Dad

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"Nicole really gets along well with her Tutor. She prefers the interactive exercises that her Tutor assigns, and when they meet to discuss something that she doesn't initially understand, her Tutor explains it in a way that makes it easier for her. It's really working!!!"

Nicole's Parents

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Our tutoreal Tutor made all the difference!!! Bapita wanted to impress her Tutor when they worked together online. And the content her Tutor assigned her was interactive. It’s SO much better than worksheets and textbooks!!

Bapita's Mother

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"Tutoreal made things so much easier. Our old schedule of trying to work in the trips to Mason’s learning center was near impossible. Working from home whenever and as often as he wants is so great!!"

Mason's Mom

“I like that I can arrange a tutoring session when I need it.  I used to have a math tutor that came to my house for an hour every week, so I’d have to wait to get help.  With tutoreal when I run into something, I can connect with my Tutor and arrange a time to get the help I need so I can continue." 

Ethan, Grade 10 Student

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