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+ How does tutoreal work?

Students are matched with their own tutoreal Tutor. After understanding a Student’s goals, their Tutor will begin to assign online lessons and practice assignments that correspond to the math curriculum they are trying to master. Students access all of this through their secure, private tutoreal dashboard and work through their material at their own pace. When a Student doesn’t understand a lesson or is challenged with an assignment or concept, they request a 1-on-1 session with their tutoreal Tutor. The tutoreal Tutor suggests some times to meet the Student 1-on-1 online to review and ensure understanding of the topic that is providing challenges. Depending on the age of the Student, the parent might need to help with scheduling. Tutors use tutoreal’s progress monitoring tool and reach out to students and/or parents to motivate and work through challenges.

+ How much does tutoreal cost?

The monthly fee for a tutoreal private Tutor and online tutoring is $99/month for each Student and provides unlimited access and help. This is often less than 2 hours of private tutoring and less than half of traditional learning centers. There are no additional costs using tutoreal. Students are required to provide their own computer/device and internet connectivity.

+ What does each Student's monthly tutoreal membership provide?

A Student's monthly tutoreal membership provides unlimited math tutoring covering all facets of math in Grades 1 – 12, including Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Analysis, Linear Algebra and Number Theory. Tutors monitor progress and provide unlimited set of lessons tailored to the math concepts the Student needs to focus on, and exercises which test the knowledge of those concepts. Also included in the monthly fee are 1-on-1 sessions with their tutoreal Tutor.

+ Which forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. At this time you must have a U.S. or Canadian billing address when purchasing a tutoreal membership plan.

+ How are Students and Tutors matched?

Initially, we look at the grade level and needs of a Student. We then identify a subset of Tutors that are best suited to that Student. The final match is based on identifying a similar set of interests that a Student shares with a Tutor (for example, love of reading vs sports).

+ Why is matching Students with Tutors important?

To get the most out of working together on challenging work like math, a Student needs to be at ease with their Tutor. They should be comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. We find that by sourcing the best Tutors, and taking the time to find the right match for students, that learning is significantly more productive. The tutoreal Right Match Guarantee ensures that if something isn't right with your Tutor, we will find someone who is perfect.

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+ How can I track my Student's progress?

Parents have their own dashboard and login. It will show the work that a Student has performed and also what has been assigned by their Tutor. Parents will also be notified of Student and Tutor 1-on-1s. Parents can also reach out to a Student’s Tutor at any point, and because their Students always meet with the same Tutor, the Tutor will have a thorough understanding of their Student’s learning progress.

+ What is the tutoreal Right Match Guarantee?

If for some reason a Tutor isn’t right for your Student, we guarantee we will find someone who is.

+ What do I need to do to help my Student with tutoreal?

Tutoreal is designed with an easy to follow interface so Students as young as 6 years old can use it on their own. For very young Students, parents will need to help them with the initial set up. Their Tutor will show them how to navigate the simple interface. Younger Students might also require some reminders to login and do their tutoreal practice. Their tutoreal Tutor will monitor their use and provide friendly motivation as required.

+ What grades does tutoreal cover?

Tutoreal cover all Common Core, State standards and Provincial curriculums in math for Grades 1 - 12.

+ Will my Student always meet with the same Tutor?

Yes, Students are matched with the Tutor best suited to their grade level, abilities and learning style - We guarantee it. A Student's Tutor will select all of the lessons and exercises, and will meet with Students for their 1-on-1's. This continuity and consistency contributes to the success of the tutoreal Learning Program.

+ What computer hardware and software is required?

Students only need an internet connected computer with an enabled microphone and a current web browser. A webcam would help make the sessions more beneficial and personal, but we will leave this to each family to decide.

+ Can I use and iPad or other tablet device?

iPads or any other internet connected tablets with a web browser can be used.

+ Do I require any special internet connectivity to use tutoreal?

A standard high speed internet connection will be fine for all tutoreal sessions.

+ How much time should Students practice with tutoreal?

The answer to that varies greatly based on goals and abilities. However we see that families that set up a regular routine 2-4 days a week – 20-60 minutes a day (depending on age) for online learning see the greatest benefits. Tutors monitor progress and are always there to motivate, encourage and remind Students to practice and provide progress updates to Parents.

+ My Student goes to a learning center already - how can tutoreal help?

Tutoreal is a unique online tutoring program – if your Student is already using a learning center, they can also use tutoreal, or transition completely to tutoreal’s convenient online math tutoring program. You will quickly see how a tutoreal program is more convenient for your family.